Use of synthetic fiber ropes for mooring platforms reduce floater offsets that in turn allow simpler riser solutions. The inherent low submerged weight increase floater payload capacity and/or allow reduced platform size and fewer issues associated with cross-over of flowlines/pipelines and other subsea equipment. Easier handling improves HSE performance, and the possibility of reducing line lengths provide smaller footprints.

All these items will lead to reduced CAPEX for field development projects with floaters, either conventional oil and gas, wind, or offshore fish farming. The main remaining limitation in truly releasing the benefits of synthetic fiber ropes is the susceptibility to external damage.

In response to a problem presented to us by potential customers in 2009, we have developed, qualified and demonstrated a solution that drastically reduces this susceptibility. The solution is multi-functional layers applied externally onto the ropes.





Allan Boye Hansen

Chief Executive Officer